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MomoCon 2012: March 16-18 (Atlanta, GA)

MomoCon 8 - Anime/Gaming/Comics/Costumes/Sci-Fi Convention
Dates: March 16-18, 2012
Location: Marriott Marquis (Atlanta, GA)

Membership Details:
Pre-Reg: $20 (before Oct 15, 2011), $25 (before March 2,2012). At the Door: $30

* Special Offer: Two free memberships with a two-night
booking at the Marriot Marquis ($139/night). Hotel Code Pending
* 2011 Donars: Free memberships to anyone who donated $25 or more for MomoCon-7.
* Free badges will be made available all year via social media contests and con giveaways.

MomoCon returns for it's 8th year to the city of Atlanta. While Georgia Tech wishes we could stay, our monumental growth has outpaced campus's ability to accommodate everyone of our attendees. As such we have made the difficult decision to move venues and begin charging for admission.

However we are still commited to bringing you the best value we can! For the first time since the first Momocon in 2005, the entire convention will be located in one building. The new space is over 60,000 sq. feet larger than the 2011 space, giving us room to grow. That's nearly two football fields of additional space over this past year! No more walking outside, no more far off buildings or confusing maps. Food options exist both inside the hotel and within walking distance. And no more threats of rain hanging over the
outdoor events.

For the first time ever MomoCon will welcome industry and voice actor guests. We can finally address requests to bring a variety of stars to MomoCon, and we hope you are as excited about it as we are!

We are adding more concerts, bigger panels (and panel rooms), better sound systems, late-night programming, and by popular demand a rave-style dance, all included with admission.

We are also adding a whole extra day! MomoCon is now a 3-day convention: Friday thru Sunday.

Don't worry, we have not forgoten our roots. We will be giving away approximately a large number offree badges throughout the upcoming months via social media and giveaways at our appearances at other conventions. Be sure to check us out on our Forums, Twitter, Facebook,Livejournal and MomoCon.Com
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